After Anyuta


London, 2018. Anyuta spends the day posing as a life model for both her lover, medical student Steven, and neighboring artist Ferris. 

Inspired by Anton Chekhov's 1886 short story Anyuta and shot on location in Dalston, After Anyuta is directed by Clemy Clarke and written and produced by C.C. Kellogg . Starring Sophie Mae Reppert, Theo Solomon, and Blake Kubena, the film features cinematography by Irene Gomez-Emilsson, production design by Ryan Paul McCarthy, and original music by Jesi Nelson. With costume design by David Gangel, sound mix by Jon Newell, assistant direction by Christopher Gower, hair/ make up design by Katie Moore, location management by Dan Lewis-Jones, and camera assistance by Robert Hillier. Edited by Clemy Clarke, with a sound edit by Jacob Flack and color by Guilllaume Lips.

Special thanks to Arcola Theatre Creative Engagement, The Hackney Council, Studio House Dalston, and Margaret Glover.