About Nudes

NUDES The Anthology is a short film series inspired by six seminal depictions of the naked body throughout literature and art. Co-created by director Clemy Clarke and writer/producer C.C. Kellogg, Nudes attempts to disentangle the ways we encounter exposed human forms, especially in web-based and digital media, while reinterpreting significant cultural touchstones through a female lens.

Each chapter in the series takes a short story, painting, or sculpture created by a canonical male artist as guiding inspiration, with works from Botticelli, Chekhov, Courbet, Michelangelo, Tanizaki, and Zweig all serving as starting points. Some installments are deconstructed retellings, others are more fanciful discursions. All six individual chapters function independently, bound together by thematic and visual cross reference, but they play best considered in dialogue with one another and viewed in sequence.

Shot on location in London, Paris, and New York between in 2018 and 2019, Nudes is a meditation on performativity, the muse-artist relationship, obsession, and our shared cultural inheritance.

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